Palestine Texas High School - Class of 1967

Michael Pickel

A few snapshots about our life in Maine...

portland head light

The Portland Head Light... "our" lighthouse


Across our North Meadow to our neighbor's barn

back of house

Each summer, the garden brings butterfiles,
birds and beauty to the backyard.


fall color

In the fall, the surrounding trees bring a richness of color before winter



Erik Pouncequick keeps watch over it all.


The backyard bring beauty the year round, but never more than summer

apple cider pressing

doug and apples

Every fall, our neighbors invite friends over to make fresh cider from their apple crop. The fall of 2007 was especially good and many gallons were pressed.


While we don't have children or gandkids, we have goddaughters. Julia and Meg are the daughters of Monica and Paul, Doug's niece and her husband.
They live in Rhode Island and we visit at least twice a year.


Do you ever get moose in your meadow? We do!

science bldg

Since the fall of 2005, I have worked as administrative assistant in
Computer Science Department of the University of Southern Maine.

kilted photocopier


We can get a lot of snow up here, but that brings its own beauty. Actually,
Maine is the second sunniest state on the Atlantic Coast.


Got Snow?


Well, at least it's sunny!

randel cat picture

randel at work

My brother, Randel, has lived with us since 1995. He adapted well to the
move from Texas to Maine. He soon went to work in a beautiful greenhouse
in Portland. He enjoys his colleagues and his life.

Last year, some of his art work was entered in a state-wide competition
and two of his pencil drawing went on exhibition around the state.

Each summer Randel goees to summer camp for two weeks. Here he is
at Camp Allen in New Hampshire.

randel at camp allen

kettle come1

Summer evenings are a perfect time for picnics at Kettle Cove

kettle come sunset